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China Textile across to the ecological civilization

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  The textile industry is a springboard for Chinese textile industry, China started industrialization and the full realization of industrialization made historic contribution. After the two industrial revolution, the textile industry is also in the process of industrialization maturity. In the new industrial revolution period, China textile to a fundamental change in the practice of industrial development in the transition from industrial civilization to ecological civilization.

  Textile is the originator of the industrial revolution, with 250 years ago, spinning Jeanne and Watt steam power, ushering in a new era of industrial civilization. The second industrial revolution, digital electronic technology, electrification and pipelining and later development, including technical revolution occurred in the textile field, enrich the human material life. Now, the third industrial revolution was imminent, the textile industry from industrial civilization to ecological civilization across.

  Facing the challenge of the transformation

  China textile will the world textile 200 years of history condensed in 20 years of industrialization in the process of market, but has not yet completed the industrialization in China as a new wave of industrial revolution, come one after another, and is a significant challenge for Chinese textile is a huge opportunity.

  China's industrialization is still not complete, agricultural civilization residual system of small-scale peasant economy still lags behind the industrialization of agriculture, influence the release, and textile related cotton silk etc. the high quality natural fiber production and circulation market imperfections have been restricted the development of textile industry;

  China's vast territory, the textile industry distribution is wide and deep, the disparity of development level of East and North and South textile giant, although the overall technical level has been greatly improved, but the enterprise survival, management, technical level, competition pattern, market form uneven;

  China Textile long as industrialization learners after clear objectives. After industrialization, from the textile to the textile power, from the chaser to the transcendent, from industrial civilization to ecological civilization creators of learners, not yet well the role changes for most enterprises, from the imitator to ability training innovators and lack of talent reserve;

  Monopoly of resources, distribution and inequality, the gap between rich and poor, the imbalance of SMEs Growth and deteriorating living conditions, and the advanced stage of industrial civilization is the gap, the practice of ecological civilization has a long way to go;

  The world and China is in the period of economic transition, the world textile and textile in China MFA world textile industry network reconstruction period, new textile and garment exports rise of China, the global textile industry transfer, China Textile in the face of many difficulties, more inclusive growth and harmonious development goals.

  Favorable conditions

  Textile is a traditional industry, is a symbol of the industrial civilization, is the key focus, difficulties, and transition of the industrial age to the ecological civilization, but more favorable conditions.

  China textile industry is the people's livelihood, is the pillar industry with international competitiveness, is one of the biggest industries in China ecological pressure, but also the development of industry ecological civilization the biggest driving force.

  China has not yet fully industrialized, modern Chinese textile mainly rise in more than half a century, especially in the past 30 years, has been the refresh mode of development in the reform, has not yet formed the path dependence, compared with western countries, the transition to the low cost of ecological civilization.

  China Textile successfully accepted the western industrial civilization heritage, has been learning to catch up with the world advanced textile, accept the lessons and experience, have the responsibility for level of innovation needs new civilization and material basis, in the high speed development opportunity period coincides with the new industrial revolution, is extremely easy to receive the third industrial revolution thought and pattern;

  Chinese history, culture and tradition of Chinese textile and ecological civilization is highly fit, comprehensive strength, China Textile geographical and industrial diversity diversity, the transition has solid foundation and broad space.

  Ecological objectives of Chinese textile

  Created from the two industrial revolution is the industrial civilization to ecological civilization new industrial revolution, this is a great historical leap. The construction of ecological civilization of China textile includes target:

  Market ecological industrial civilization based on. Market ecology (Eco-market) is a diversified market, diversification of products, competition of the market competition, the supply and demand balance, healthy consumption, material and spiritual connotation of fashion fashion.

  In the face of the market accurately respond quick, flexible production, real-time supply; the face of the diverse needs of the market to make accurate positioning, reduce the waste of resources and market loss; the new product creativity and development, the textile industry products into fashion and art. Textile enterprises need technician and administrator, need more designers, artists and entrepreneurial marketing.

  The industrial civilization based on industrial ecology. Industrial Ecology (Eco-industry) which is full of innovative potential of industrial organization, industrial structure equilibrium ordered, symbiotic co-prosperity of industrial relations fully inclusive and equitable, inclusive growth.

  China textile industry to build cooperative, harmonious and balanced system of industry cluster, cooperative, the eastern and Western characteristics of manufacturing base, trade platform and fashion center to reasonable layout, structure of high school low-end level clear, seamless vertical industry chain, play a product category diversification, diversification of industrial departments, industry chain specialization, related supporting industries complete advantage. Textile enterprises should change from the manufacturer to made, creators and innovators, enterprise management should be more specialization innovation, integration, embodied in Jane, is alive and Sophie is just.

  Social ecological industrial civilization based on. Social ecology (Eco-community) is the development of sustainable high efficiency based on equity, industry based on social network (employee, customer, enterprise, public), the economic upgrading and social upgrading corporate social responsibility in parallel, to build a harmonious, balanced and inclusive industrial community.

  The textile industry from the food chain economy to inclusive economic growth, from the relationship between the line chain relationship to the network, change from single to multiple role role. Customer is service object, is also the resources and value creation participants, suppliers and customers are no longer supply opponent, more stakeholders and strategic partners, textile enterprise management should be extended to elaborate governance mode of value chain, business model and operation strategy of society and stakeholders into account.

  Ecological environment based on industrial civilization. Ecological environment (Eco-environment) is based on the human and natural ecological a clean ecology, ecological consumption, resource conservation, environmental protection, resource recycling and sustainable development based on economic cycle.

  Textile enterprises to provide social and the earth can bear, clean, healthy, high-quality consumer payment products, respect from the transformation of the world to understand the world, world, from the conquest of nature into a reverence for nature, learning the natural ecology, social ecology.

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